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 Advanced Attribute Filter (+Price, +Manufacturer)

Have you ever had to many products in one category, nobody found anything. If the product has got attributes, why not filter products trough this attributes? This module was developed for a tire shop, we had more than 1000 product in one category and more than 10000 product, there was no option to put in more separated categories, because opencart was really slowed down.

Adult Only Age Verification

This module gives you the ability to protect your content with an age verification box. You can add custom verification and deny messages. You can select 3 types: Store, Category and Registration. If you choose Store, the age verification box will be displayed all over the website. If you choose Category, the box will displayed at the specified categories. When Registration is selected, the module will apper on the registration and the checkout pages. You can select different age limitations per modules. If you have two categories, one with age limit 18 and one with age limit 16, and the user visits the category where the age limit is 18, and he passes the verification, the module will remember it. Next when he visits the category that has age limit 16, the age verification will not appear. You can select 2 types of verification, one with "Yes" and "No" buttons and one with input fields where the users can enter their birth date.

Advanced checkout success page

With the Order Thanking extension you can use the order success page more efficiently for your customers. Increase customer loyalty, satisfaction, and of course the sales using this module. It doesn't only give thanks to the customers for purchase but welcome back them by offering other interesting products. With one click the customers can reach their orders, possible downloadable items they bought. It displays products your clients can be interested in still. The displayed products contain bestseller, featured and special items.

Advanced Dashboard

Know more informations about the state of your store. 
Information about:
- advanced overview:
    - total count about orders, customers, products, disabled products, featured products, reviews, reviews awaiting approval, subscribed customers, 
    specials and expired specials
        - linked count
        - its page can be looked immediately with one click
- advanced statistics: 
    - adjustable show orders by order status in the module page
    - plothover event: show the value of the item data point at mouse hover
- advanced latest 10 orders:
    - added two columns: company and comment
    - edit order with one click
    - adjustable show orders by order status with the drop down list
- counts about the order status
    - linked count
    - the orders by the wanted order status can be looked immediately with one click
- newest 5 orders 
    - adjustable show orders by order status in the module page (not the same like at the advanced statistics) 
    - edit order with one click
- newest 5 customer 
    - edit customer with one click
These useful informations will be on the dashboard, overwrited it. The order status for the advanced statistics and the newest 5 orders can be set in the module page.
Included hungarian admin language.

Advanced Product Pages

With this extension you can bulk edit several product options. The extension adds extra pages, to the admin under "Products" menu. Three new page: "Discount", "Prices" and "Special". "Discount" and "Special" pages are very similar. You can add a product, selecting it with live search, and add discount or special price to them. "Prices" page is a bit different, it lists all the products, and in the list you can change the price, quantity and status of the product. You have to check in the rows you wan't to save. On "Prices" page, we included one of our extension, "Gross Price Calculator".

Advanced Reviews

Give your customers more chances to rate your product. Hereby your other customers know more about your product which can increase your sales in large measure.
This is an advanced and easily customizable review system for the default OpenCart review system. You can set different criteria field, such as other text review, rating criteria and custom lists. These criteria are maintenancable dynamically. The adjustable properties and operations are the status, required, rename, delete. There is no save button, there is immediatelly saving instead at set of status and required properties. Your customers can see the statistics about the rating criteria in front of the reviews. With these custom criteria you can get a true picture of what your customers think of your product.

Attribute Editor on Admin Product Page

Simple, easy to edit attributes at edit product with the Local Attribute Editor extension. 
You don't have to go to the Attributes page then back. While you are editing the product, in the same place you can edit/create/delete the attributes too like the Attributes page. Just one click! Without page reloading and redirection!

Automatic Attribute Filter (+Price, +Manufacturer)

Automated, improved version of Advanced Attribute Search. We removed some features from it to make the module easier to configure, and we improved some of them to be it more useable. The main difference between this module and Advanced Attribute Search is that on the frontend it will display attributes that are enabled on the admin and there are products in the category which connected to the attribute. For example if you have an attribute called "Tire size" enabled on the admin but in the category where you put the module there are no products with "Tire size" attribute, then the "Tire size" filter won't display. The attributes are sorted by their sort order.

Blogpost (Blog / News Module)

Simple, easy to use, feature rich blog / news extension. You can manage blog authors, blog categories, and blog entries.
The extension has it's own page, and can be set to display at the top menu. Also it comes with a module, where you can set up your own template with placeholders.
You can add products, ang categories from catalog, to the entries. You can add SEO friendly name to the blog categories and entries.

Cart Animations - Fly animations, Popup window

Your customers can see more spectacular animations than default at adding products to cart. The cart is auto update cart when item is added. With this Cart Animations extension the puchaser can add the product to cart on three kind of ways. You don't need to setup anything neither on frontend nor on backend page. Just choose your animation and enjoy it. At choosing in admin you can see the description of your chosed animation under the animation list. These animations are different. The animations briefly to get mood: fly along a bow, fly along a line, popup window. But their function are more spectacular like their name show. Buy it and you will see. You can change image of the fly along a bow animation. And one more: the animations stay in the same place on the screen at scrolling.

Cart Plus - remove confirmation, change quantity

The Cart Plus extension adds more useful functions to default functions of your webshop cart. These are the remove confirmation and the modify product quantity. The remove confirmation is in both shopping cart and mini cart. You can choose the confirmation exterior: timer and dialog. The modify product quantity is in mini cart like in the shopping cart. Removing item and quantity modifying without page reloading, just the necessary data change. The confirmation block adjusts to the current remove button. It uses current layout of the store.

Cash on Delivery + Fee

Adds Cash on Delivery + Fee payment method to your payments list. You can select the type of the fee (percentage or fixed amount). You can select the shipping methods where you want it active.

Cash Payment

Simple cash payment method, with a great features. You can select the shipping methods, customer groups, geo zone where you want it active. If you need you can charge extra fee.

Catalog Store, Catalog View

This extension is useful for those who just want to show their products and no to sell them. It globally removes the add to cart button, and it disables the ability to place an order. You can turn it on or off in the admin section. You can add custom selectors, so it works better with custom theme. Select to hide the elements with css or jQuery only.

Category Quantity

Simple extension that gives you the ability to put more then one product to the cart. It adds quantity selectors on pages: category, product, cart and search. It also adds selectors to stock modules like: bestseller, special, latest and featured. In the admin zone, it shows as a module, where you can easily change which page or module you want to see the quantity selectors.

Category Short Description

This extension replaces the default refine search lookout, with a category wall with images. It displays the category image, name and if given, the short description otherwise it shows the default description. In the short description you can use html tags too. The category wall has it's own CSS file, with that you can easily fit the extension to your custom template.

Chat Board

Simple chat board to your shop. Only logged customer can post messages. At their first message, they can enter a nickname. This nickname will be saved, and they can't change it anymore, but in the admin you can. The extension comes with a module setting page, where you can configure the chat behavior. For example you can choose how the messages should be sorted, and the amount of messages to display at once. There's also a feature called "Approve messages", with this enabled, the messages won't be displayed until the admin approve them. We also provide you a with page in the admin where you can manage the messages. On this page you can add/modify/delete the messages.

Custom Email Logo

This little extension gives you the ability to choose custom logo to the emails. For example if you have a black site with white store logo, the logo in the email will disappear. With this plugin you can select an image, and it will show in emails rather than the store logo.

Custom NoPrice Text

This extension replaces the zero price (e.g.: $0.00) with a custom text (e.g.: 2014.04.03 -, Ordered or Arrival). It's useful when you know the date of arrival of the product or you want to share other important information with your customers. These are so things by what your purchasers can give you a vote of more confidence and return to purchase onto your website. This means more sales. You can set the replacing for every product or just few products where the price is zero. The last status is the single product status. At this case there will be the NoPrice Text field on Product / Data page in admin whose content will be appear instead of the zero price. At the every product status the NoPrice Text field displays in its module edit page below the status. You can hide the cart button. The outcome of the settings appear in everywhere where there is a product: Compare page, Manufacturer page, Search page, Special page, Category page, Product page, Module block.

Custom Product Button - Unique Label, Color, URL, Preview

Simple, easy to use custom buttons for your products. This extension adds a new button under or next to (on the product page) the Add to Cart button. You can set the button properties such as label, background color, text color and url. The url is a web address where go to. This web address will be opened in a new tab. The button properties hava default values. Each product can have its own unique button and you can enable it separately. You can look at the result of the current properties on the preview button immediately without saving. The url is also triable.
With the Custom Product Button you can also provide other information for your customers by a web site. Hereby you can increase your customer's experience.
If you have problem with the installation or working please contact us and we try to solve it free.

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